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Why should you invest in yourself?

Data science has emerged as a crucial driving force for every industry. From improving innovation and customer experience to transforming healthcare, it is solving pressing global issues. Data science has the power to improve the way we live and work and address significant global challenges by enabling better decision-making, problem-solving, and discovery of advancements.

A career in data science means contributing to this transformation and becoming an expert in making a positive impact. As a data scientist, you can provide leaders with vital information, enabling confident decision-making, and driving business growth while positively impacting communities.

The field is in high demand. LinkedIn’s Emerging Jobs Report has consistently ranked data science among the top fields for three years, with data scientist roles experiencing a 37% annual growth rate [only in US]. Organizations are rushing to build in-house data science teams in various industries. However, there’s a shortage of skilled data science talent, presenting an opportunity for individuals with quantitative backgrounds or existing analytical skills to secure high-paying jobs in data science, advanced analytics, business intelligence, and other related fields.

Philosophy of the bootcamp:

DataSkillz is on a mission to empower individuals with the skills, knowledge, and confidence needed to thrive in a rapidly evolving data science industry and positively impact their careers and communities.

The philosophy of our Bootcamp centres around hands-on learning, where students work on real-world projects and datasets to gain a deeper understanding of the concepts and techniques involved in data science. We provide students with an immersive and intensive learning experience that equips them with the necessary technical and practical skills to pursue a career in data science.

Additionally, our Bootcamp aims to foster a collaborative and supportive learning environment, where students can learn from their peers and industry experts, share knowledge and insights, and build a strong professional network. Our curriculum places emphasis on staying up-to-date with the latest tools, technologies, and trends in the field of data science, ensuring that students are well-equipped to tackle real-world problems and make data-driven decisions.

The journey of 12 weeks:

Our 12-week data science journey is fun with lots of learning and making great connections. The Bootcamp consists of three main modules, and you can either signup for an individual module according to your learning requirements or get a complete package. After finishing each module, you will be required to submit a capstone project and upon evaluation, you will receive a certificate to showcase your skills.

Throughout the program, you will have our career services available for resume review, interview preparation, networking, and job search strategies.

Training Delivery:

Online Instructor Lead:

  • 35 contact hours per week via zoom or teams
  • 15 hours of home reading [self study] per week
  • Daily three hours lecture [other than Friday]
  • Daily three hours hands-on lab and homework
  • Daily office hours
  • profile building and resume review
  • interview preparation and job search strategies

In-class Instructor Lead:

  • 35 in-class contact hours per week
  • 15 hours of home reading [self study] per week
  • Daily three hours lecture [other than Friday]
  • Daily three hands-on lab and homework
  • Daily office hours
  • profile building and resume review
  • interview preparation and job search strategies  

We believe in fair fee policy and for in-class bootcamp, 25% logistic charges will be added.

[in class training is based on the availability] 

after graduation:

  • Certificate to showcase your skillset.
  • Over 95% job placement rate within a month of graduation.
  • Life time continuous support and help in growth strategies.
  • Resume review profile building support.
  • Options to join our global team on range of roles [instructor, lab assistant, consultant, data scientist, advanced analyst etc.]. 

The upcoming batch starting from July 17, 2023 [Monday]. [No more seats left]

register for the batch starting from August 21, 2023 [Monday].

[Option 1] Register for individual module and finish according to your convenience and schedule. 

module 1

python for data analysis and visualization
[instructor lead 160hrs]


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Module 2

Advanced analytics and business machine learning


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Module 3

deep learning and natural language processing


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data science bootcamp

register for all three modules
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