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Data Science Bootcamp

Become a data scientist just in 12 weeks

Why should you invest in yourself?

Data science has emerged as a crucial driving force for every industry. From improving innovation and customer experience to transforming healthcare, it is solving pressing global issues. Data science has the power to improve the way we live and work and address significant global challenges by enabling better decision-making, problem-solving, and discovery of advancements.

A career in data science means contributing to this transformation and becoming an expert in making a positive impact. As a data scientist, you can provide leaders with vital information, enabling confident decision-making, and driving business growth while positively impacting communities.

The field is in high demand. LinkedIn’s Emerging Jobs Report has consistently ranked data science among the top fields for three years, with data scientist roles experiencing a 37% annual growth rate [only in USA]. Organizations are rushing to build in-house data science teams in various industries. However, there’s a shortage of skilled data science talent, presenting an opportunity for individuals with quantitative backgrounds or existing analytical skills to secure high-paying jobs in data science, advanced analytics, business intelligence, and other related fields.

Philosophy of the bootcamp:

DataSkillz is on a mission to empower individuals with the skills, knowledge, and confidence needed to thrive in a rapidly evolving data science industry and positively impact their careers and communities.

The philosophy of our Bootcamp centres around hands-on learning, where students work on real-world projects and datasets to gain a deeper understanding of the concepts and techniques involved in data science. We provide students with an immersive and intensive learning experience that equips them with the necessary technical and practical skills to pursue a career in data science.

Additionally, our Bootcamp aims to foster a collaborative and supportive learning environment, where students can learn from their peers and industry experts, share knowledge and insights, and build a strong professional network. Our curriculum places emphasis on staying up-to-date with the latest tools, technologies, and trends in the field of data science, ensuring that students are well-equipped to tackle real-world problems and make data-driven decisions.

The journey of 12 weeks:

Our 12-week data science journey is fun with lots of learning and making great connections. The Bootcamp consists of three main modules, and you can either signup for an individual module according to your learning requirements or get a complete package. After finishing each module, you will be required to submit a capstone project and upon evaluation, you will receive a certificate to showcase your skills.

Throughout the program, you will have our career services available for resume review, interview preparation, networking, and job search strategies.

Training Delivery:

Online Instructor Lead:

  • Up to 35 hours per week [asynchronous and synchronous learning]
    • Daily three hours lectures [other than Friday]
    • Daily three hours of hands-on lab,  homework, and self-study
    • Daily office hours
  • Real-life case studies and practical assignments [hands-on is the focus]
  • profile building and resume review
  • lifetime access to all material, and support. 
  • opportunity to join our growing team in a range of roles [instructor, lab assistant, consultant, data scientist, advanced analyst, etc.]
  • interview preparation and job search strategies

In-class Instructor Lead:

  • 35 in-class contact hours per week
    • Daily three hours lectures [other than Friday]
    • Daily three hours of hands-on lab,  homework, and self-study
    • Daily office hours
  • Real-life case studies and practical assignments [hands-on is the focus]
  • profile building and resume review
  • lifetime access to all material, and support. 
  • opportunity to join our growing team in a range of roles [instructor, lab assistant, consultant, data scientist, advanced analyst, etc.]
  • interview preparation and job search strategies

We believe in fair fee policy and for in-class bootcamp, 25% logistic charges will be added.

[in class training is based on the availability] 

after graduation:

  • Certificate to showcase your skillset.
  • Over 95% job placement rate within a month of graduation.
  • Life time continuous support and help in growth strategies.
  • Resume review profile building support.
  • Options to join our global team on range of roles [instructor, lab assistant, consultant, data scientist, advanced analyst etc.]. 

Trusted By Professionals Across The Globe

This bootcamp was a roller-coaster ride discovering Python, Data Science, Machine Learning and self discipline. A comprehensive curriculum delivered by  a passionate and knowledgeable instructor made this journey remarkable. Upon finishing this bootcamp, I could successfully run full machine learning project and present to a panel of professionals. 

Sahar gargary

I thoroughly enjoyed the bootcamp with passionate instructor and great delivery of the useful content. Indeed, learned a lot and whole team was extremely helpful, specially in my capstone project where I used Neural Networks to detect defects in steel sheets. Truly thankful for a 12 weeks learning journey to reshape my career. 

bilal yussef

As a former student and bootcamp participant, I would unreservedly recommend this course to anyone who is looking a career shift. The instructor was a subject matter expert in the areas of Data Science and Machine Learning. He has an engaging, informed, presentation style that I thoroughly enjoyed both the content and the delivery and benefited greatly from.

Scott Matieshin

Excellent delivery approach of industry relevant content, and lots of students presenting, and quality discussions on  insights from the data. Not only, we learned from the instructor, but learn from each other. Dr. Qazi is an excellent instructor of python and data science. Rich curriculum and extensive knowledge of the instructor made this journey memorable. Highly recommended to every one!

dave buckley

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Data Science

12 weeks immersive program
$ 7999
  • Live Instructor-led
  • 3 months access to course material
  • 4 hrs per week office hours
  • Profile building and career support
  • Verified certificate

data science

12 weeks immersive program
$ 8999
  • Everything in elite plan
  • Personalized mentoring on data projects
  • Life-time access to the updated course material
  • Dedicated time for profile building
  • Mock interviews and job placement support

Finding It Difficult To Pay?


A data science bootcamp is a focused training program designed to equip participants with the essential skills and knowledge needed to become proficient in data science within a relatively short period. We offer 12 weeks intensive and immersive bootcamp, aimed at individuals seeking to transition into data-related roles. Our program focuses both on comprehensive curriculum and practical projects to ensure participants develop both knowledge and practical skills.

Our bootcamp is designed to be inclusive, welcoming individuals who are curious about data science and eager to explore, analyze, and interpret data to make informed decisions. While there are no strict prerequisites, having understanding of computer programming and basic statistics can be advantageous.

Absolutely, we understand that investing in your education is a significant decision. We do offer various financial aid options and flexible payment plans to make the bootcamp accessible to a wide range of individuals. Our aim is to ensure that your financial situation doesn’t hinder your learning journey. Feel free to reach out to our admissions team to discuss the options available and find the best fit for your needs.”

Certainly, we understand the importance of helping our participants succeed beyond the program. We offer comprehensive job placement support that includes resume reviews, interview coaching, and access to job boards with relevant opportunities. Additionally, we organize networking events, workshops, and alumni groups to connect you with professionals in the field. Our goal is to equip you not only with skills but also with the resources to launch a successful career in your chosen path after completing the program.

Our Data Science bootcamps have been conducted across various countries, serving a diverse global audience. Our global reputation is marked by consistently high ratings from participants worldwide. We take pride in maintaining quality education standards and creating a supportive learning environment, which has garnered positive feedback from students spanning different cultures and regions.

Notably, we’ve gained the trust of industry leaders, and our graduates have achieved positions in renowned companies such as Meta, Apple, Microsoft, Dell, Boeing, and more. Currently, our graduates enjoy an impressive employment ratio of over 95%. This accomplishment reflects our dedication to addressing the talent gap in Data Science and machine learning, and we’re excited about the impact we’re making in these fields.

Although it can be demanding because of the program’s rigorous nature, some participants do balance part-time work. Nevertheless, prioritizing the bootcamp is advised. We’ve had participants with jobs in the program, but they often use weekends to catch up with the program’s pace. You should be prepared to allocate minimum of 35 hours each week to the bootcamp, covering lectures, assignments, projects, and self-study.

The significance of data science skills for careers extends beyond traditional positions like data analysts and data scientists. Given the pervasive digitization across industries and the vast volume of accessible data, having a solid grasp of data has become a valuable competence for almost anyone.

Depending upon the preferences of our  graduates, their preceding experiences and education, our successful alumni will be prepared for a variety of roles, including Data Analyst, Advanced Analyst, Data Scientist, Machine Learning Engineers, Business Analyst, Quantitative Analyst, AI Engineer, Marketing Analyst, Healthcare Data Analyst, Data Engineer, Predictive Analyst, Fraud Analyst, Supply Chain Analyst, and Product Analyst.

These examples showcase the array of job opportunities that await individuals who complete a data science bootcamp. Your specific career path will be shaped by your interests, prior background, and the proficiencies you cultivate throughout the bootcamp.

Absolutely, you’re welcome to enroll in our online program. If you decide to join our in-class program and it’s not scheduled in your country, you’ll need to handle all the arrangements independently. This includes matters like securing a visa, obtaining work authorization if needed, making travel plans, and organizing your accommodation during the program.

Python stands as the language of choice in the data science field, serving as an open-source tool. Moreover, all the data science libraries within the Python ecosystem are also accessible without charge. Generally, participants in the course aren’t obligated to buy any software. If there’s any instance where we utilize paid software, we will ensure you have access to it during the course.

Yes and to provide more clarity, it’s worth noting that we’ve had participants from a diverse array of backgrounds, including medical professionals, aviation engineers, pilots, software engineers, program managers, physicists, financial analysts, veterinarians, and more. They have all successfully completed our data science bootcamp, showcasing that diverse backgrounds can indeed thrive in the program.

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