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In today’s era of unprecedented data generation, businesses are increasingly recognizing the critical importance of utilizing data and related technologies to gain competitive advantage through informed decision-making, innovation, and impactful solutions. However, the rapid advancements in technology have resulted in a significant skills gap, presenting challenges for organizations in sourcing qualified talent.

At DataSkillz, we are dedicated to bridge this gap by providing comprehensive and personalized up-skilling programs. Our primary focus is to empower individuals and teams with the necessary skills to thrive in this continuously evolving field of Data Science and Machine Learning.

Throughout our journey, we have had the privilege of assisting companies worldwide in enhancing the capabilities of their analytics teams. By leveraging the power of Data Science and Machine Learning, we have enabled these teams to make informed decisions and achieve remarkable data-driven outcomes.

As a solution to the global skills gap in emerging technologies, DataSkillz is fully committed to developing a future-ready workforce. I am honours to lead the company’s vision in paving the way for a prosperous data-centric future.

I sincerely appreciate your consideration of DataSkillz as a collaborative partner in embracing the opportunities to become a data-driven team.

Warm regards,


Dr. Junaid S. Qazi, PhD

President & Chief Data Scientist,

Meet our global team

Dr. Fraz Anjum, MS, PhD

Director Content, Canada

Dr. Tayyab Y. Qazi, MBA, PhD

Director Operation, Pakistan & South Asia

Dr. Kadiri Adaba, MD, MPH, MBA

Partner & Director Training , Africa

Ramat (Ebella) Whajah, MBA, MFP, RFS, CWM

Partner & Manager Training, West Africa

Phil DaSilva

Director Business development, Canada

Dr. Adnan Doubi, MBA, PhD

Partner & Director Training, United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Hon. Olivia Nantongo,

Managing Partner, The Office Of The President, Uganda

Mohannad ElKhouly, MBA

Partner & Regional Manager, Egypt

Dr. Hassan Jafri, B. Eng., MS, PhD

Partner & Director, United Kingdom (UK) & Europe

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